Hantek 6022bl

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Tried to install on XP laptop but would not recognize drivers. Thought it was because it was only a bit machine. Hantek HT30A BNC to Dual Banana Head Test Line Auto Test Leads . Brand: : Hantek ,2(Digital) 16(Logic),Oscilloscope . ProductDetail_13_136.

Hantek USB デジタル オシロスコープ 6022BL 20MHz 16チャンネル 税込 送料無料 S平日PM3時までカード注文⇒即日出荷 ホーザン HOZAN HOZAN 工具セット20 . Blue/Gold Window Treatment Curtain Drapery Decor Tassel Rope Cord Tie holdback Window Treatment Hardware Blue/Gold Window Treatment Curtain . See all condition definitions : Bandwidth: : 20MHz,channels logic . Hantek 6022BL PC USB Oscilloscope 20MHz 2-CH (Digital) +16CH Logic Analyzer UK.