DataSheet: PDF icon h05_rn-f. Flexible cables, Obsolete flexible cables, Domestic, H05RR – F. KERG 3GH05RR – F 10m. The H05RR – F cable, also known as 318-TRS tough rubber sheathed flexible cable (harmonised code H05RR – F ) is designed for use in fixed installations in . Cable Outer Diameter: 6. For the connection of electrical appliances (vacuum cleaners, kitchen appliances, soldering iron etc.) with low mechanical stress in househol kitchen, office. Rubber cable for handheld devices. Operating temperature.

Leitungen für rauhe Einsatzbedingungen. Shortcut: PL- LAYOUT: Layout2. Ink jet: PECSO MN IEMMEQU HAR H05RR – F (SECTION) CE (YEAR) MADE IN ITALY SAFEP TOUCH. H05RR – F rubber cables use a standard grade rubber compound for the cable . Cores identification according to . Conductor material: Copper (Cu) wires . Norm, H05RR – F , DIN VDE.

Insulation colour, Black. Ordinary PVC insulated and sheathed flexible cables. Cross section (each core), 2. Features, Flame-retardant , Cold-resistant , . Application: In domestic premises, kitchens, offices. For power devices where cables are subject to weak mechanical stresses such as vacuum . Se la lunghezza del cavo supera m. ES07Z1-K(AS) Canal apertura sin herramienta H05VV-F, H05Z1Z1-F Bajo.

Atmos kW Holzvergaser Holzheizung mit Pufferspeicher Festbrennstoffkessel. AS-Schwabe Sicherheits-Rasenmähertrommel mit Meter H05RR – F 3G1. Brennenstuhl Garant S IPKabeltrommel 50m H05RR – F 3G5. Stromkabel Gummiverlängerung mit 3-fach-Kupplung H07RN-F 3G mm² m. Cordon MoulinexGrill H05rrf Pour Four Alimentation Noir 2m qMVpSUz . H07RN-F 3Gmm² 400m Meter Gummikabel Gummileitung Baustellenkabel Strom 3×5.

C Bach Stradivarius 36G Tenor Posaune Trombone Quartventil Bb F Alleskönner. Merten Memory-ET-Superdimmer-Einsatz f. Haltbarkeit , Rössler Papier – S. Navy – Stehsammler f. EC25R- RALLONGE CAOUTCHOUC H05RR – F METRES -3G2.