Fastin faston

FASTIN – FASTON Product Line. Series, Way Nylon Crimp Cover, 6. In wiring harnesses, they are mainly used . Kontakte und Einzeladerdichtung sind separat zu . Primarily used as harness connectors, they make possible . Total number of pins, 1. Pin shape, Rectangular. Nominal current, 30 . The 250-series connector used for single, multiple connections and used with 6. Price for: Pack of 25. Insulator Color: Uninsulated.

AMP Fastin Faston Steckhülsen und Flachstecker können als Gruppenstecker und Kupplungen in Leitungssätzen eingesetzt werden. Um Fehlsteckungen zu . Tabs and receptacles accept. Housings accept crimp-type 2series.

Number of Positions: 4. These are the multiple- connector version of the basic FASTON Product. The Tyco Electronics FASTON. Terminals product line includes. The series designator is the width . Receptacles and Tabs . Zie de aanbieding van de verkoper voor volledige details,kabels,Marke: : Markenlos: EAN: : Nicht zutreffend,ongebruikt,tenzij het object door de fabrikant is . Crimp sleeve for Fastin – Faston series contact housing.

For cable diameter 0. Additional information. No description provided. Male Terninal, BRASS. Material, Connector, NYOR PBT. Female Terninal, BRASS.