Bursting disc

A rupture disk , also known as a pressure safety disc, burst disc , bursting disc , or burst diaphragm, is a non-reclosing pressure relief safety device that, in most . Elfab manufactures a wide range of high-quality rupture discs ( bursting discs ) suited for a wide variety of applications. Invented by BSB, our range of reverse buckling products provides a. They are used when a greater tightness is require . Wehberg Safety GmbH – the Specialist for Bursting Discs and Membranes. Single action devices that offer the ultimate over-pressure protection for vessels. Rupture disc bursting.

React to pressure differences between the process and the vent. Relief valves and rupture discs are two types of pressure relief devices used to protect a pressurized vessel or a piping system in the event of . Depending on the device selecte Fike rupture discs with burst sensors and indicators can be used to activate alarms, bells, remote . Forward- acting type, Reverse-acting type, Graphite type disc. Bursting discs , or rupture discs , are thin membranes which act like a blank flange. Whether for overpressure and underpressure this special composite bursting disc reliably allows you to secure your plants from mbar.

A bursting disc safety device is a recommended means for pressure relief, and in some cases the preferred device. It is also used as the ultimate safety device . Contact us for Information! Depending on installation and medium kin bursting discs differ in shape and material involved. Some discs are incised what enables its bursting in a precisely. Fike provides certified bursting discs to meet all applications for process industries including isolating pressure relief valves from corrosive materials, reducing . Our cutting edge rupture discs and burtsing discs are industry challening and able to withstand the toughest conditions.

Designed and tested to ASME . Flexachem supply a wide range of Zook rupture bursting discs – Metal, Graphite and Specialty. They demand specific rupture disc solutions. Fike has the newest technology for this purpose.

Specific rupture discs plus holders and pressure . This combination of . Specifies requirements and terms and definitions. How do I know which is the best rupture disk ( bursting disc ) design for my particular. State of the art Flameless indoor explosion venting, explosion. STRIKO bursting discs are available in different designs in metal or graphite. Numerous available combinations with application optimised holders and versatile . The first method is . However, providing sufficient data or experience from previous applications is available, it should be possible to decide whether or not to use a bursting disc.

VACUUM PRESSURE RELIEF VALVES ELEVENT is a presure vacuum relief valve in a . Find your rupture disc easily amongst the 1products from the leading brands on DirectIndustry, the industry specialist for your professional purchases. Best Availability – Learn more about the benefits of change over valves or rupture discs in combination with safety valves. MARSTON CORROSION PROTECTION BURSTING DI. If a plant or a system consisting of vessels, containers and pipes is . We take pride in engineering the most reliable, easiest operating pressure relief systems, vents, and rupture discs in the industry.

Explore our product solutions . Flexachem UK Ltd offer a wide range of metal and graphite bursting discs and related over-pressure protection products.