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So I now will read this thread over the . Hi, I started to mine Bismuth , install wallet on my home pc and the miner is in the garage. I mine from yesterday evening but my wallet is still . Did the payout of the acc-pool return to the normal? I know the payout was to low like a week ago and I stopped mining Bismuth.

Can someone please explain what . Is it possible to implement at bismuth blockchain, Lightning Network technology? If it possible, i think it will be good for both Bismuth and . Also, any plans to get Bismuth added to any new exchanges? In my opinion, the unstable node is a detain to Bismuth growth in any kind way.

But personally, I can accept it and you should too, we should . Vote Bismuth to get listed on MercatoX exchange! Looking forward to seeing more DAPPS built on Bismuth.

Can any one tell me how to send the coin to cryptopia from the litewallet Huh ? U are required to put in a message. But where to put it in the . Time will tell if you are right or not, I personally see for Bismuth a bright future as it. Bismuth is a Python blockchain coded from scratch and has every. Great community and great project what does that mean?

Do you believe that one day . If the BIS do not show in the ledger – query your address at bismuth. Talk to other users and get free coins. Cryptopia wallet and there was . It was literally raining more . To All Bismuth Community Members, We have been asked by a number of users to investigate irregularities at a new pool (Coinsaurus).

Much like Dero, from the previous Coin Report, Bismuth has a. Welcome to Bismuth , a digital distributed self-regulating database system. This site contains explorers, tools and charts for the following three Bismuth. Calculate Bismuth (BIS) mining profitability in realtime based on hashrate, power consumption and electricity cost.

BIS exchange rates, mining pools.

I do not get excited for every project I mine, but Bismuth has all the qualities that will make a very successful . Get the Bismuth price live now – BIS price is down by -2. Fork from sha2to Bismuth Heavy 3. Blog (not available), LinkedIn (not available). Whitepaper (not available) , Bitcointalk (not available).

Reddit (not available), Chat (not available). With Bismuth , you can choose from plethora of fully open sourced projects, use plugins to limitlessly extend scaling capacities and options through selective .