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Hi all, I just got myself an Channel USB Relay that I intend to control with the MacHIDMBS PlugIn. The relay looks similar to this one:. USB controlled relay board with one on-board relay and four external relay driver ports. Shop with confidence.

Attractive bundle for PC-based automation and visualisation of individual control applications. Denkovi supply their own GUI control .

Software Digital ProfiLab 4. USB relay board with eight . This is four Channel relay board controlled by computer USB port. You may control devices 230V . Powered and controlled from . See the for more info. The paid Pro version of HDDSuperClone is capable of directly controlling a relay board for power cycling a hard drive when it becomes unresponsive. Control one or more relays by .

An NCD USB Relay Board emulates a COM port, allowing you . The communication way also can be changed easily. Remove the USBBee module . Buy CEBEK – 4-Channel USB Relay Board at CPC Farnell. Buy now to get the best prices with fast delivery on all CEBEK products. Order today at CPC Farnell. Windows and Linux drivers.

So, there are two methods here, and it depends on where you want to go. A) you could get a command line version working like usbrelay and . THIS IS CURRENTLY IN AN EXPERIMENTAL STATE: It does not yet support multiple boards or other manufacturers. Switching module with relays for controlling devices via the USB port of a computer. The relays are available, each with a contact normal on, load capacity of . Relay contacts ‎: ‎Load capacity per Relay ‎: ‎max. SainSmart USB Eight Channel Relay Board for Automation – V: Amazon.

Devantech 8-Channel USB Relay Module and other robot products. Nearly every computer system today is equipped . It also contains a reference voltage . Eight relay channels controlled by your computer!

Use your computer USB port to connect to the outside world Connect up to 16A to each of the high power . Number of Relays ‎: ‎ 5V Channel USB Relay Module Programmable Computer. T1is a 4-Channel computer controlled relay board interface that allows independent remote control of the four mains rated relays from your PC . T1is a 8-Channel computer controlled relay board interface that allows independent remote control of the eight mains rated relays from your PC . This plugin provides support for the cheap HID USB Relay Board found on ebay.