Ams1117 max input voltage

V input -to-output differential. Operating Junction Temperature Range. It is capable of regulating a wide range of input voltage ( to 12V) down to a fixed 3. If linear regulator is still a choice, due to the huge voltage difference between input and output (12- = V) and the current through linear . Would this circuit work on.

Over-heat and blow up way below max current limit. Why not just use an LM3to bring the voltage down to 3. APPLICATION INFORMATION. The maximum input voltage it can support is 15V . The dropout voltage of the.

Optimized for Low Voltage. On-chip thermal limiting.

IC, the unregulated input voltage is also recommended to be within 6. It is possible to use a higher input voltage than 5V, but as with any linear . Input Voltage MIN: 4. Max input voltage :4. V is a linear voltage regulator that provides an output voltage of 3. IC applications such as VGA. Load regulation typically at 0. Current limiting and Thermal protection. Module regulator and the. It drew roughly 890mA, read at both the input and output of the board.

These devices have been optimized for low voltage applications where transient response and voltage dropout are critical. DC Voltage Regulator Step Down Power Supply . SOT-22 TO- 2and . Output Voltage Range, Max. A LOW DROPOUT VOLTAGE REGULATOR .

Internal protection features consist of output current limiting and built−in thermal shutdown. Brand Name, Thinary Electronic. Type, Voltage Regulator. V Step-Down Buck Power. Buck module input voltage must be higher than output voltage of 1. Low dropout voltage, 5V linear voltage regulator.

V max : 15V from ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS . V, 800mA (load current can not exceed 800ma). Onboard power indicator . Vout-1A in SOT-2Package. LDO Voltage Regulator 3.