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The TCS32Module is a color sensor designed to detect the intensity of colour of light incident on it. It outputs a square waveform, with frequency proportional . Check prices in Cooking Hacks Electronics Online Shop. The TCS32RGB color sensor uses an array of photodiode with different filters to determine the RGB frequency. The output waveform is a duty cycle . The TCS32can detect and measure a . TCS32Color Sensor is a complete color detector, including a TAOS TCS32RGB sensor chip and white LEDs.

Features: Chip: TCS32Input voltage: DC – 5V Use bright white LED lights. Can be connected directly with Microcontroller Static detection of the measured . When it comes to 8-bit RGB analog PWM color detection, there are presently two mass-produced modules commonly available: One with . Prices and stock availability subject to change without prior notice. If you want this product but it indicates it is not in stock, chat us or simply add it to your cart . Chip: TCS2Input voltage: DC ~ 5V Output frequency voltage: ~ 5V Use bright white LED lights can be connected directly with Microcontroller Static .